Having played together in many configurations, these three musicians decided to come together and form a band…

The three members of Earshot Trio have, over the years, played together in a variety of bands; a lot of one-off gigs, some semi-regular. In fact, these three were part of a quartet called Reality Bites around 2007/2008.

However, it was a bit of chance that set them up as a trio. And, a bit of church. Drummer Alex Hahn and bassist/singer David DeShazo hold a regular Sunday gig and on one date, happened to need a trio setup and a sub musician–and chose keyboardist/singer Dane Petersen to fill in for the standing guitar player.

After that proved to be a fortuitous moment, another bit of chance brought them together by way of a bit of traffic.

With David now being the sub–for a quartet of Alex and Dane’s–they were forced to play the first set as a trio due to the fourth member coming late to the gig…out of his hands, especially if you’ve braved any major highway in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area during rush hour.

Once again, there were some larger than life musical moments. Effortless, you could say. It was then they decided that they should make this a regular thing.

Gigs started coming: Skyline Bar at Winstar Casino was a perfect setting to try this out in front of crowds; Saint Ann Dallas being another, with a smaller-scale yet intimate outdoor patio setting. Eventually they hit upon some old stomping grounds like Memphis Club in Addison–a venue willing to try something different on an early weeknight. Even the Mansion On Turtle Creek departed from their usual mellow jazz setting to try out some acoustic rock.

Private parties started happening: Earshot Trio’s first one happened again by chance. The Pizza Hut/KFC corporation needed a last-minute band for a late afternoon employee get-together at their quite spacious new headquarters in Plano; the trio were happy to oblige.

Like their repertoire, they are always expanding. As you read this, Earshot Trio could be playing at a new venue in your neighborhood, or your backyard. Maybe literally.